Family Summer Vacations

Family Summer Vacations

Practical Money Skills just published an interesting article on smart ideas for a summer staycation and for small vacations.  Here they are:

  • Pick start and end dates – and plan activities.
    Scheduling is critical to a successful vacation near home – it’s the
    best way to ensure you spend your time off on fun, and not on routine
    activities and chores.


  • Daytrip it. Make a list of places you’d like to
    visit within 80 miles of home and plan one-day trips for your top picks.


  • Ditch the technology. Put your cell phone away and
    limit email interactions to once a day so you can focus on your family
    and revel in your time off.


  • Hole up in a local hotel. If you’re craving a break from the routines of
    home, research local lodging specials – it can help you achieve that
    “out in the world” feeling without spending a fortune. Search for deals
    at sites like this one:

For smaller vacations, here are some more smart vacation tips to fit a tight budget:

  • Road trips and camping are great travel options
    that are also budget-friendly.  Find the site for you at


  • Rent places with a fridge or kitchen. Food is
    often the hidden expense with vacations, so being able to cook your own
    meals can save you big.  One of the most popular is


  • Stick to low-cost activities. If you do choose to
    get away for a night or two, head to the beach instead of shopping. Play
    in the snow instead of hitting the slopes.
    Sometimes taking the less expensive route can offer more adventure for


  • Shack up with friends. What better way to see how
    the locals live? Staying with friends over a long weekend instead of
    booking a hotel can save you $600 or more.

To read the full article with additional tips, please visit this page.

– The Moms Buzz


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