Everyone loves the spring, except all the cleaning we got to do to feel refreshed just like the spring air.  However, when we think of spring cleaning we often think of closets, garage, attic, toys, etc., but we often do not include our pantry and kitchen!

 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Pantry and Kitchen

For the pantry, spice racks and pots, here is the inventory check list:
  • throw away expired foods
  • throw away cooking oils opened for more than 6 months
  • throw away seasonal: sprinkles, leftover frosting, half-used bags of nuts, crackers, snacks

Then, take a look at your pots and pans. If they are dull and stained, you may want to roll up your sleeves, play some music or turn your favorite TV shows, and start scrubbing.  Personally, I use Bar Keepers Friends, both in powder or liquid.  I get them at Bath, Beth and Beyong.  It is an amazing product, especially great for stainless steel pots.

Spring Cleaning Goes for Your Pantry and Kitchen Too!

For your kitchen tools, here is your check list:

  • are your knives sharp?
  • do you have a good grater or microplane?  I have 2 of  different sizes – love them!
  • are there slotted stainless spoons for stir-frying?
  • is the cutting board big enough or does it look ready to retire?
  • what is the condition of your dish towels? Marshall’s is a great place to get new ones and very economical.
  • Is your oven thermometer is accurate?
  • are you non-stick plans flaking? If so, you need to throw them out!
  • is your grill tuned-up and ready to go for the grilling season?

For your refrigerator, here is the main checklist:

  • throw away open bottles and jars that have been hiding in the back rows and been there for ages.
  • change the filter of your water dispenser
  • defrost the freezer and throw away foods that have been there for more than 6 months
  • do an overall power wash

Finally, you will want to look at your cookbooks collections.  Those you never use, you may want to relook at them and if they are still a no, give them away. The same goes for your recipes boxes.

Happy Spring Cleaning – oh gee – it seems like a never ending cleaning feast!

– The Moms Buzz


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