The 4 Secrets to Having a Spectacular Marriage

WebMD had a featured article in Redbook Magazine about what do couples who describe their marriages as spectacular do
than those who describe their marriages as simply so-so.  To everyone's surprise, the differences are quite simple.  In this article, you will see what those differences or secrets are:

  1. Understand each other's needs. It seems so simple and obvious, but if you think about it as it is described in this article, a driving factor to broken marriages is frustration because of our lack of understanding of partner's needs.
  2. Show him some love.  We women get so wrapped up in parenting, our own work and household responsibility and it is easy to show our affection to our other half.  And if you did not know, men need more affirmation that women!
  3. Take 10! Apply the rule of 10. Take at least 10 minutes to converse about things you like instead of the typical topics that inundate our busy lives: children, work, chores, responsibilities. Think out of the box!
  4. Focus on the Good.  We spend time and energy pinpointing and finger pointing the bad of what he or she does that we forget that acknowledge the good in our partner.  The most effective way to add and passion is
    to add positive elements to your marriage.   

I highly recommend reading the full article here.  You will get deeper insight into these 4 secrets, which I find easy to carry out and include in our daily lives!

– The Moms Buzz

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