There are so many beauty products our there and sometime we do not know what to get.  Well, here is a short list of the key  ingredients in beauty products that that you should look for. These ingredients are effective and do make your skin look better when used consistently throughout a defined and over a period of 12 or more weeks.

Here are the “in” gredients that are making news in the beauty industry, some are known to us, other are simply new to our ears! Here is the skin care and beauty buzz:

Key ingredients in beauty products

Key Ingredients in Beauty Products

Retinol. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that speeds cellular turnover to prevent clogged pores and refine lines.  It improves skin tone and texture. It is perfect for adult breakouts, and aging skin, but pregnant women and sensitive types should stay away from it.

Peptides. These are amino acid chains that tell skin’s deeper layers when its surface needs fixing.  Because this communication breaks down in older skin, peptides creams help promote collagen production and healing. They are perfect for mature skin that needs hydration and elasticity. It is also good for sensitive skin.

Sirtuins. These are protein enzymes shown to have helped prolong cell life. The help to firm skin and lenad a less furrowed look. They are perfect for a skin that is already showing signs of lines and loss of elasticity.

Oat Polysaccharides. This is another cutting edge ingredient, oat derived, that create an undetectable durable elastic film on the skin that binds cells closer together for a seriously fast firming and lifting effect.  They are perfect for anyone whose skin needs a “pickmeup” fast!

Next time you need shop for beauty products, look for these ingredients in the bottle.  BTW, these ingredients the stars in the market, they may make the product pricier.


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