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This past Monday, I had the pleasure to go see with my 3 children the screening of The Muppets before it premieres today for the general public. It was a generous invitation of Allied-THA.

I grew up watching The Muppets, and it was just an incredible moment for me to see them again on the screen.  It was like walking into a time tunnel and reviving memorable moments of my childhood. 

At the beginning of the movie, I wasn't quite sure how the theme was going to develop, and my 3-year old was getting a bit anxious to see all the main characters of The Muppets, which I thought took some time to show up.  My older boys, on the other hand, were quite pleased with the pace of the movie. 

The silhouette of Kermit when he does his spectacular entrance was for me the beginning of the movie – just brilliant!!

Photo 3
The producers of the movie did a magnificent work bringing back The Muppets, and showing us what had happened to each one of the characters in [their] "real life" after the show ceased to air on TV.

I really enjoyed how everything started to take shape and have that singular and signature scenes that only The Muppets could have.  Of course, another favorite part of mine was the appearance of Miss Piggy, despite time, she had not changed a bit – glamourous, conceited but with a huge and warm heart, and of course, unconditional love for Kermit. 

Miss Piggy
It was a movie about feelings.  There were significant sentiments coming from everyone in this movie, from the producers who threw a lot of love to the making of the movie, creativity and appreciation from top fashion designers making couture outfits for Miss Piggy and Kermit for their world premier, MAC Cosmetics coming out with a Miss Piggy limited edition collection, to older spectators feeling lots of nostalgia and having flashbacks of their childhood, to the media building much anticipation before its opening day. The comeback was just what we wanted and how we wanted it.

Absolutely, one of my favorite moments was also Miss Piggy and Kermit's Rainbow Connection duet. Of course, I just could not missed saying that Kermit's facial expressions are just the best and always so precise to transmit what he is feeling.  The finale is marvelous as Walter does his talent show to finish raising the money to salvage the Muppet theater.       

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I definitely recommend this movie for the whole family.  As I said, it may not be quite exciting for a tod at the beginning, but as the characters start showing and taking up their roles, and then they are all together again, every member of the family will definitely have a good time, especially those who grew up watching the unforgettable Muppets!

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