With the Spring around the corner, if you are like me,  I want to clean around the house from top to bottom.  Getting rid of old unwanted clothing is on top on my list of spring cleaning.  After all the sorting of clothing of what stays and what does not, I end up with one huge pile of clothing to give away. The first time I did this after I had kids, I didn’t know where to give away the clothing besides the traditional one like the Salvation Army.  But, after doing some research, I have bumped into really good ones and thought of sharing with you a list of sites for clothing & shoes donations, which I consider really good to consider. These sites collect and pass on clothes, shoes, and even prom-style dresses and accessories to people in need.

Sites for Clothing Donations

ShareYourSoles.org sends donated casual footwear to needy people “from Appalachia to Sri Lanka.” Donated high heels are sold to fund the other shoe shipments.

GiveRunning.org specializes in athletic footwear, encouraging good fitness by handing out used sneakers to disadvantaged youths.

Clothes4Souls.org which is part of Soles4Souls.org cuts out the middleman by sending donated clothes to business owners in developing countries rather than selling them to an international distributor. The local entrepreneurs “refurbish and merchandise the items themselves.”

WGirls.org will gladly find a new owner for any prom-style dress you’re done with. The group makes gently worn frocks and accessories available at boutique-style events for young women who otherwise might not be able to afford their proms.

Dressforsuccess.org is a well-established charity that provides low-income women with appropriate donated clothing to help them dress properly for job interviews.

Soles4souls.org shoes take on a lot of wear and tear, and if not, they are usually dressy shoes or you have lots of them, like my case.  If you want to retire your trendy shoes, or know for a fact your will no longer wear a pair of shoes, consider donating them to Soles4Souls.com.

donateyouroldshoes.org is another shoe-collection agency that should be on your mommy radar.

If you know of other good one, let me know.  Leave a comment below.


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