Tips on How to Dye Your Hair

At some point in our lives, we want to try new hair color. When you reach a certain age, you want to cover your gray hair. Here are some basic tips on how to dye you hair: 

Be conservative.
When deciding on a new hue, make sure not to choose a shade “more than
two or three shades lighter or darker” than your natural color.

go it alone.
If you can, enlist a friend to help “ensure that
you don’t miss a spot on the back of your head.”

into the light.
Your bathroom’s bad lighting won’t “do you any
favors” when trying to “gauge the intensity” of a new haircolor. Use
natural light to see exactly what you’re dealing with and to make sure
you’ve colored your hair evenly.

Take it easy.
If you recolor your entire head every six weeks, “your hair will get
brittle and your color patchy.” Instead, when your roots start to show,
apply dye to only the regrowth. A few minutes before processing time is
up, comb it through the rest of your hair.

– The Moms Buzz


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