I think every mom who has a little girl has had a hair battle at the time of getting her ready to go out.  I have been there so many times. Brushing my little girl's long hair is something I do not look forward to every morning.  A nice motherly and caring act becomes a battle with screams, temper tandrums, defiance, etc.  It drives me crazy to the point that many times I just have left my daughter completely with wild hair to avoid that hair battle and set me off on the wrong spirit to start off my day.

I did not know what else to do.  My child psychology was not working anymore and my patience has its limits too until a friend of mine gave me an advice on what to do:  little girls do not have to have long hair, cut it short bob style, and the problem is over. She did it with her daughters and it worked. 

I have not personally tried it myself yet because it breaks my heart to cut my little girl's beautiful long silky hair.  Wherever I go, she get lots of complement about how much hair she has, how silky it is and how cute she looks.  I am a professional photographer, and photographing my daughter with that long hair is a real treat.  So, I am still making up my mind about cutting her hair bob style, but I know for sure, it will be the end of my hair battles with my daughter. 

If you try it with your little girl, please let me know, tell me about other tips you may have that have worked to end the hair battle every morning with your little girl.


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