Tips on How to Protect Your Sweaters

By now most of us have put away about 80% of the winter clothes and some of us are still procrastinating on engaging in such a chore, especially if you have to do this for every member of the family.  Regardless of where in the process you find yourself, here are some practical tips on how to protect your sweaters:

There are 3 simple steps to protecting your wardrobe: Clean, Contain, Repel.

CleanMoths and carpet beetles, the primary pests that can cause damage, are attracted to natural fibers like wool and cotton. They also feed on organic stains within synthetic fibers.  So, always Clean your garments first before following the next steps.

Contain: it’s recommendable that you contain your clothes in a freestanding
closet, storage box or bag to deter pests. If you’re
using a natural repellent, storing clothing in an enclosed
container also helps preserve the
effectiveness of the repellent.

Repel: use all-natural cedar to
Repel pests. When used
cedar is very effective in preventing damage to your wardrobe from

-The Moms Buzz

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  1. Katie

    Thanks for the tips. My neighbor found carpet beetles in her kid’s clothes and I’ve been checking mine non stop. I put moth balls in all the drawers in my house, but I like the cedar block idea too.

  2. carpet cleaning overland park mo

    I will use this tips to avoid unnecessary mess inside the house especially on my bedroom. Can you provide me carpet cleaning solution that would not spend too much? Thank you again for providing this useful idea in your article.


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