On the daily basis, I usually do not wear  high-heels because I am always on the go, and running around town.  I also work from home so I do not need to be wearing fancy shoes either.  Even though, I absolutely love shoes and adore high-heels, I usually wear them only when I got out at night or to an event.  However, there are working moms whose job requires them to be more dressy at work, and high-heels always finishes that impeccable and well-put-together look.  If you have to be on heels all the time or are having feet issues, here are top 5 tips for wearing high heels that you may want to take into consideration:

  1. Eliminate the painful shoes lurking in your closet: discard or donate shoes that cause pain.
  2. If the shoes does not fit, however stylish and beautiful, don’t wear it: proper shoes fit is crucial: Juge a show not on the size but on how it fits on your foot.
  3. High-heels are bunion and hammertoe creators: high heels force the toes into unnatural, harmful positions resulting often time in foot deformity.
  4. Give your feet a break: if you must wear high heels for a special event, limit the time spent in the shoes and the height of the heel.
  5. Prevent ankle injuries by working on your core strength and balance:  to avoid ankle sprains and fractures while wearing heels, take some yoga or other exercise that will help with your core strength and balance.

– The Moms Buzz


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My real job in life is raising my 3 kids and having a nice, healthy and active family life. Along the way, I realized that motherhood didn’t come with a manual and frequently asked questions so I had to learn my way through with the help and advice of other mothers and that is how I decided to start a blog about tips for busy moms, The Moms Buzz, a lifestyle blog about only the buzz that matters. Modern moms are busy busy, and whatever tips make our lives easier we are ready to try them, we don’t have the time to read and read lengthy advices, but we can certainly read 1-2-3-SOLVED. Adriana is also the founder of ModaPreviewInternational.com and an established fashion/portrait photographer.

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