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The other day I was actually telling my kids who love to play outside in the neighborhood to let me know where they would be.  Normally, it is not a problem because they usually play outside right in front of my house with 10 other kids. But, lately, there is this new kid in the block  who wants them to play closer to his house, so I started to feel uncomfortable that I can’t check on them so easily.  So, here I was giving them a list of instructions of what to do when they go and play elsewhere in the neighborhood.  One of the things I told them was “you need to tell me exactly where you will be and if you go elsewhere in the neighborhood, come back home and let know.  They were like “really, mom? Every time?”  My face went puzzled…“did I say something nonsensical?” I thought to myself.

Given their discontent about my little request, I figured they weren’t going to follow my rules to the T so I was looking for ways to watch over them without interrupting their fun, like a win-win approach.  Then, I find out about the FOLR App which allows you to watch over your loved ones in a very simple way.  Kids 12 and above now all have smartphones so this APP would work wonders for my boys and give me peace of mind that I was looking for.  It is a great parenting tool which allows you to keep in touch with them, know exactly their whereabouts real time and you do not have to worry about where they are, any time, especially useful during times of need or distress.

I started to play with APP and invite some of my family members, closest friends and of course, neighbors to get the App.  Below,  I am sharing with some of the screenshots I got while setting it up and adding new contacts/followers in the App.

Watch Over Your Loved Ones mbz6

collage Watch Over Your Loved Ones FOLR mbz1

My older boy has FOLR now on his phone and it has actually helped me know when gets to and arrives from school. Likewise,  my kids will know my exact location at all times, which will give them peace of mind the few times I am not at home when they arrive from school because of traffic, and any inconveniences on my way that I may encounter,  or simply, because I am dropping off my daughter at a class, and I am running late.

Going beyond the control of the exact location of your child though, FOLR is a great family APP because, think about it, it is a great APP for family emergencies, for extended family trips, for the sitter on the weekends, and even playdates or parties.  I always remember my boss a fews years back who used to tell me “make technology work for you, not the other way around.”  That is exactly what FOLR does.  It provide the technology that will work for you, the one you need to watch over your loved at any time.

collage Watch Over Your Loved Ones mbz5

Besides watching over loved one, I love the fact that FOLR works internationally as well.  My parents live abroad and the fact that I can locate my elderly parents in another country is just fantastic.

collage collage Watch Over Your Loved Ones FOLR mbz1

I would love you try it because I think you will be pleased with the FOLR App.  It is so easy to use. It just has about 3-5 screens total.  The family members/friends you want to keep close you would need to invite  to follow you on FOLR, and once the follow you back, you are all set.  I know, I know, another App in your phone, but, let’s face, we all love Apps and we can’t have enough of them.  If you are curious about this APP, get it, play it with and see if it work for your.  It is available for the iPhone and Android phones.

Give it a try and let me know how you like it!





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