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A healthy lifestyle starts with water.  As mothers we carry a lot of responsibility on the type of lifestyle we want lead in our households. Naturally, we want to ensure we make the best choices for our family whether it be sports, food, TV programs, extra-curricular activities, and the list can go on indefinitely.  One of those infallible choices is, without a doubt, creating and maintaining the habit of drinking water in our children.

Water is Key to A Healthy Lifestyle

Because water is vital to maintaining health as it plays many roles in our overall well being, water becomes the natural key ingredient to lead a healthy lifestyle at home.

In addition to the proper functioning of our vital organs, water also contributes to our appearance: healthy-looking skin, hair, eyes, and nails all result, in part, from adequate levels of hydration.

Think about it, in general, as adult females, we need at least 68 ounces of water per day for our bodies to function properly so do children in a different quantity.

Water is key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle

In my house, drinking water is the main drink.  My kids have basically 2 main sources of hydration:  water and milk.  Per their pediatrician, they normally drink milk three times a day and the rest of the day, water. Although we do have a filtered water in the house, we certainly enjoy drinking bottled water.  I personally like to include an 8 ounce or 12 ounce of bottled water in their lunch boxes than filtered water in a plastic bottle.  My husband and I drink mostly water when we do the sports we like such cycling, yoga, skiing and running.

Water is the Key Ingredient in a Healthy Lifestyle-mbz

Create the Habit of Drinking Water

Kids usually do not think about drinking unless they are dead thirsty which makes it quite important for parents to create and maintain the habit of drinking plain water throughout the day for proper hydration. During homework time, after-school snack, during sports or just because, are always good excuses to remind your children to drink water.  What I do, normally, is serve them a glass of water or a bottled water so that they have it handy.  Mostly likely, they will drink it.

Another benefit of drinking water is that it helps regulate their caloric intake.  As you know, children love candy, chocolate and all those goodies full of empty calories that add up and do no good.  To balance things out, giving them water instead of carbonated or sugared beverages is far a better choice.

 Nestlé® Pure Life® 8-ounce bottled waters are fun for the children because they have on the back of the bottles fun facts about why water is so essential for their little bodies.  The junior bottles have the perfect shape and fit easily in any lunch box.  In fact, if your children like water with a bit more flavor Nestlé® Pure Life® Splash offers flavored waters with zero-calorie sweeteners.  A unique blend of minerals are added to Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water to give it a clean, crisp refreshing taste.  

Water is Key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle

Creating and maintaining the habit of drinking water in our children will lead to a healthy lifestyle that will last a lifetime.  ¡Start now!

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