Even if we are not the ones going back to school, you will soon learned that you do have “homework” when it comes to our child’s education.

Parents involved in school

Research has found that parental involvement is the single most important factor influencing a child’s education according to Dr. Mary Lou Fuller, profession in the Center for Teacher and Learning in the University of South Dakota.

Parental involvement can take different forms which we are about to share. In today’s post we will list the different ways you can get involved when your child goes to Elementary School, and in our next post, when your child goes to middle school.

Parents involved in children education

Ways to Get Involved in Your Child‘s Education in Elementary School

  1. Volunteer in classroom or library
  2. Bake cookies or help out at parties
  3. Attend PTA
  4. Attend open-house, orientation
  5. Read to child
  6. Listen to child read
  7. Review work brought home
  8. Include education at home by having child read and follow recipes, red prices at the grocery store, read signs, talk ab out colors in the home and on walks.
  9. Encourage schools to hold parent workshops on educational issues
  10. Attend board meetings
  11. Have children keep a daily log
  12. Chaperone field trips
  13. Volunteer for field day
  14. Be a lunchroom monitor
  15. Be involved in fund raisers

Whatever you decide is your thing as far as parental involvement in your child’s education, remember that it will make a difference in your child’s education.

– The Moms Buzz

source: The Family Magazine September

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