22 Breastfeeding Memes All Nursing Moms Will Wholeheartedly Confirm

Breastfeeding is something you cannot truly understand until you experience it. It is an amazing, yet difficult experience. But it doesn’t come easy. Some moms will tell you it came to them naturally. Others, have troubles at the beginning.

With the second or third child, you will get the hang out of it. And even with the first child after a while. But nobody is an expert on the first day.

Taking into account the sleepless nights, some days you are just tired. You don’t want to do it.

Now, we want to try and lighten up the mood. Whether you are nursing, or you’ve gone through the experience, you will enjoy some of these memes.

A good meme can lighten up the mood, and turn any experience into a laughter. Let’s try and make this experience a lot more fun and enjoyable.

1. Good Boob And Lazy Boob

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This is more about the baby than you. Not all babies use the same boob. Some might say, there are babies that prefer the left one. Or the right one. In any case, it looks fun to see that your boobs are not even. And why should they be? Don’t worry, they will get back in shape.

2. New liquid measurements

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How much is a boobfull? Well, it is different with mothers. Some babies are happy after a minute or two of sucking your boobs for milk. Others, go for more. And when you breastfeed, measurements go through the door.

3. That look…

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Give me that boob back. Do not take it away. Let me play with it a bit more. This is something almost any mom experiences while breastfeeding.

4. Sharing the workload

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To be fair, nowadays there are ways husbands can take over the job. Some mothers milk out and let their husbands stay up all night to take care of the baby. But in most cases, it is all moms breastfeeding and husbands sleeping. How is it at your house?

5. That unexpected lactation…

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The pain, the suffering, the nightmare. Oh my, the feeling when you need to calm your baby but you cannot do it. It can happen to anyone, and it will probably happen to you.

6. The teething… baby?

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The fear of biting and teething. It is very much real. There is a reason why the pharma and cosmetic industry came up with so many boobs creams. They’ve made millions out of it.

7. Hydration is important

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Think about this for a moment. According to experts, you need to drink ½ of an ounce of water per pound of weight. And that is in the time you are not nursing. So basically, your day is breastfeeding and drinking water. You need to stay hydrated to produce milk. And it is a struggle.

8. Sleep envy

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Lots of mothers want to kill their husband. Like strangle him in his sleep. And it is all because he has privileges you do not. Sadly, he doesn’t have boobs. And cannot produce milk. And then they say “we raised the baby together”. Hell no, I was the one breastfeeding while you slept!

9. To wake up for a feeding or not?

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After a while, you will know when your baby is getting up and waking up. And you will be ready. For a simple reason. Quick feeding time means he goes back to sleep instantly. And there will be no crying and screaming.

10. Boob Evolution

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Well, if you ever wanted to know how it feels and looks to have big boobs and small boobs, this is the time. You will get all sorts of boobs. Try not to get too attached.

11. Mornings be like…

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Let’s take a moment and appreciate our boobs. They go through so much during breastfeeding. Appreciate them and take care of them.

12. It’s a job only a mom can do…

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Boobs are the answer to almost any problem. Really it is. Nobody can soothe a baby if he wants to suck on some milk. But people are desperately trying to do it. For the love of god, get him to my boobs!

13. Those hungry babies

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You will want to cry. You will cry. And you will want to throw your baby off the balcony. But what can you do, he doesn’t understand you just gave him the boob. He still wants it. Again, and again, and again, and again.

14. Nursing and working

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You will quickly understand how much storage and space you need for your stuff. And that will be even before you get to work. On the first going out of the home.

15. Breastfeeding in public not OK? Okey.

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Sadly, breastfeeding in public still gets bad reputation. And we have to change that.

16. Niplash is a thing

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This is one of the things mothers hate. Sadly, you cannot do anything about it. Babies are so unpredictable. They can go on and off at any given moment.

17. Breastmilk – The miracle cure

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Just type breast milk benefits on Google. It will surprise you. In the past few years, we’ve accepted the fact breast milk can do wonders. It is like a magic pill.

18. Sweat stains are for amateurs

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Google armpit stains and breastfeeding. Thousands and thousands of mothers have this same question. Why do I sweat more while breastfeeding? Well, consider the stress, the weight, hormones, and of course, the added hydration and water.

19. Stretching to the limits…

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Your baby doesn’t know you want to go to sleep. He doesn’t know you are tired. All he knows is that he wants milk. And he wants it now!

20. The positive side of breastfeeding

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You got to love this. Baby’s thighs are just, well, how to put it nicely, fat. He has bigger thighs than yours. If you find some comfort in that.

21. Social Distancing With Breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding mothers have no problem with social distancing. Strangers walk by and stay away when they breastfeed in public. And they are used to this stay at home thing.

22. The Real Reality

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We want to finish off with a classic Instagram versus reality meme. Do not believe Instagram. Do not believe all those one second pictures that took hours to take. It is not all fun and games ladies.

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