Emmy Rossum Net Worth – How Much Does Fiona Earn?


Emmy Rossum is an American actress, television director, but also a singer-songwriter. Her two signature roles are in the movie The Phantom of the Opera and the television show Shameless. Portraying Fiona Gallagher in Shameless brought millions to Emmy. So, how much is Emmy Rossum net worth?

Raised by a single mother, Emmy learned as a young kid to work for everything in her life.

Career Ups and Downs

Rossum started her television career in August 1997. She was the original Abigail Williams in the daytime soap opera As the World Turns. In 1999, she got a Young Artist Award nomination for her performance in the movie Genius. The next year, she portrayed a young Audrey Hepburn in the movie The Audrey Hepburn Story.


Rossum made her movie debut at only 13 years old. She appeared in Snogcatcher, playing the role of an Appalachian orphan. The movie debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and won the Special Jury Award. Emmy received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her role.

By 2003, she landed a major and title character role. Rossum portrayed the main character, an aspiring songwriter in the movie Nola. The same year she appeared in Clint Eastwood’s movie Mystic River. Her breakthrough came in the Roland Emmerich eco-disaster movie, The Day After Tomorrow in 2004.

The same year, she appeared in the movie The Phantom of the Opera. This is by far her most successful movie. The fun part is that she came to audition last in full costume and make-up. She nearly missed it due to family engagement and auditioned in person for composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in his home in New York. Emmy received a Golden Globe nomination for this performance.

In the new few years, Emmy played some major and minor roles, but nothing special. In December 2009, she got her television break. The young actress joined the cast of the Showtime dramedy series Shameless. Her performance in the show is amazing. Rossum starred in Shameless for nine seasons. Before season 8, she asked equal pay, saying she carries most of the storylines in the show.


In 2019, she announced she will star in Angelyne, a drama series created by her husband Sam Esmail.

Music Career

Besides her acting career, Emmy has a successful music career as well. She got her start at the Children’s Chorus of the Metropolitan Opera. She was just seven years old at the time. Rossum continued to perform in more than 20 operas.

Once Emmy grew up too tall to play child characters, she moved on to television. Following the success of The Phantom of the Opera, Emmy got a few deals to record classical albums. She refused and created an album of contemporary and more mainstream music. Emmy released her album Inside Out on October 23, 2007. The album peaked at Number 199 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

She describes her voice as a lyric soprano. But she also says her voice is still developing. Emmy continues to train vocally at ZajacStudio, run by soprano Joann C. Zajac.

How Much Does She Earn?

Emmy is a certified celebrity for years. She took that to another level by playing Fiona Gallagher on Shameless. Rossum played Fiona for nine seasons and is a fan-favorite character.

In the later seasons, she asked for equal pay. Both she and William H. Macy earned $350,000 per episode. Her fight for equal pay halted the production of Season 8, but she continued with the show after resolving the situation.

Her salary for Shameless is in the middle of the pack among television stars. For example, the principal stars of Modern Family earn $500,000 per episode. The four leads in Will & Grace earned $250,000 per episode.

The leading cast of the Big Bang Theory managed to negotiate a $900,000 per episode salary for the latest seasons.

Overall, Emmy Rossum net worth is $12 million. Besides Shameless, she has other impressive roles on her resume. For her appearance in The Phantom of the Opera, Emmy earned a couple of rewards.

In total, she has 43 credits as an actress.

Awards and Achievements

Emmy Rossum is only in her early 30s, and yet she already has a couple of awards. Here is a quick list of her achievements.

  • Golden Globes nomination in 2005 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture for The Phantom of the Opera
  • Saturn Award winner for Best Performance by a Younger Actor in The Phantom of the Opera
  • Best Cast Ensemble ACCA Nominee for Mystic River in 2003
  • Critics Choice Award Winner in 2005 for Best Young Actress in The Phantom of the Opera

Personal Life

Emmy got married to Justin Siegel on February 17, 2008. The couple publicly presented as in a relationship but unmarried. Justin filed for divorce on September 25, 2009, citing irresponsible differences. In May 2017, she got married to writer/director Sam Esmail.

Emmy has celiac disease. She describes herself as a “spiritual person, but not especially religious”. Rossum is a YouthAIDS ambassador. In 2008, she signed as the spokesperson for Pinktude, an apparel line inspired by Pink Panther. The liner helped raise breast cancer awareness.

On May 26, 2009, she attended a match in West Hollywood California, protesting the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Proposition 8.


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