Get Tanned With 15 Homemade Self-Tanning Leg-Bronzing Products

We all know the natural way of getting tan. Go out in the sun. But it is not as simple as it sounds. There are periods when you should avoid hanging in the sun. The best time to get tan is in the morning up until 10am, and after 5pm. You might get tan more slowly, but you avoid risk damaging your skin.

With that in mind, some people want to get faster results. And we recommend skipping the green house and tanning beds, as they can pose higher risk than staying outside on the sun in peak hours.

There are also lotions you can buy. But these can be thick and you will look like a grease ball. So, what is the best natural and safe way to get tan?

We have some recipes that will gradually add a bit of color each time you use it. Let’s take a look at the self-tanning recipes.

1.  2 Ingredient Bronzing Lotion


If you need a quick fix for your legs, this miracle is the way to go. You will get a DIY Fake tan which you can customize any way you want it. And the best part is the bronzer doesn’t transfer to your clothes. Just remember, it is not a waterproof solution. The moment you get into the shower afterward, it will melt down.

What do you need for this 2-ingredients self-tanning product? All you need is a drying body lotion that soaks in without leaving an oily residue and some bronzing powder. You can chose the bronzing powder, either matte or shimmery.

2. Non-Toxic Self Tanner


This DIY self-tanner will make your legs go from looking pallid to a touch golden. And you probably have the ingredients for it in your kitchen. You need organic black tea, filtered water, and some vanilla extract.

Remember to exfoliate before applying the self-tanner. That will prepare your legs for the treatment. You do not need some fancy exfoliation. A simple scrub with a washcloth will be enough.

3. Whipped Amber Bronzing Butter


This might be your new summer beauty go-to treatment. The butter is fluffy, moisturizing, and sparkly. The ingredients might be a bit too pricey for some users. But it is a sophisticated blend.

You can customize the butter per your preference. Add more or less copper sparkle mica.

4. Self-Tanner With Erythrulose


If you want to tan the skin with natural substances, erythrulose is a great option. This ingredient often finds its place in natural cosmetics. Your tan will become visible after a few hours. But it will disappear after a few days. Do not make the product in large amounts. Storage is a problem. Make just enough for your quick tan fix.

5. Mineral Bronzing Body Butter


You can easily make this highlighting bronzer for your summer beauty regimen. There are only four ingredients and the bronzer will add a sun-kissed look to your skin. You can customize it and experiment with mica pigment powders and coffee oil.

But the best part about the bronzer is that it blends well with all skin tons. If you like a completely natural look without any shimmer, you can also skip the mica powder.

6. Easy Bronzing Butter


If you’ve had enough with tanning beds, it is time to try something natural. This bronzing butter will add a great amount of color to your skin. And more importantly, it will not leave any streaks behind. You can continue blending the color while soaked in.

You can use the bronzing product for your legs, but also for your face. You can even use it to replace some makeup items. With Shea butter and cocoa butter, this recipe will also nourish your skin and add some moisture.

7. Body Bronzer And Cheek Stain


During the summer your skin needs more moisture and hydration. This bronzer provides all that, and some tan as well. You can give your skin the sun-kissed look without the risk of UV rays. This is a convenient method you can easily use. It will make your life fun, simple, and less messy.

8. Nourishing Natural Bronzer Oil


Bronze Mica is the magic ingredient here as well. This safe and natural colorant will give your skin tan without any risk of tanning beds. You can control the level of coloring without worrying you will come out orange. What we like the most is that after treatment, your skin will feel supple and satisfied.

9. Bronzing Whipped Body Butter


Whenever you read chocolate in a recipe you know it is something tasty and delicious. But do not try to eat it. This body butter is great if you want a natural bronzing tan. You can easily achieve the sun tan glowing look.

10. Tea Tanning Lotion


Most of the DIY self-tanning options on this list are butters. But it is time for something more watery. Here is a recipe you can make with black tea bags. This recipe contains a lot of antioxidants that will take care of your skin as well. This bronzer will flush out toxins that cause blemishes on the skin.

You can use a scented lotion if you like. But we suggest unscented lotion for this recipe because you do not want to ruin the scent of black tea. And more importantly, scented lotions might cause problems on sensitive skin.

11. Henna Self-Tanning Lotion


Alternatives like henna are safe and amazing tanning options. You can use it to get the colorful glow. Henna creates a reddish-brown toned tan. Apply it correctly, and you will get a safe self-tanning option. Always use diluted henna paste and mix it with unscented lotion.

12. Bronzing Shimmer Oil


Some women want to sparkle when they go to the beach. They want their legs to glow and shimmer. Well, if that is your idea for sun tan, then here is a recipe you can use. You can choose the mineral shimmer pigment. We recommend to go with the cleanest you can find.

13. Organic Sun Tanning Oil


This recipe actually works by attracting sunlight. So, you need to apply it before going out in the sun. Just remember, it has limited SPF protection. You need to combine it with some sunscreen for your protection.

14. Tanning Lotion For Glowing Skin


What we love the most about this product is the longevity. This DIY tanning lotion will last much longer than regular tanning options. It will also give your skin a much deeper tan.

15. Carrot Based Sunless Tanning Oil


This might come as a surprise, but carrots can help you get a tan. Yes, those same healthy carrots. What we love about this product is that it is sunless tanning oil. These oils reduce the risk of getting streaks. And you need less oil to cover your entire body.

So, with that in mind, how do you get your sun-kissed look? Do tell!

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